CUS Room Booking System

CUS Room Booking System

The CUS Room Booking System is entitled for CUS-constituted student groups to organize University events.

All bookings take from 10 - 12 business days to process. Plan accordingly. To book CPA Hall or the Birmingham Center please allow at least 2 weeks.

BOOTHS: Booths are only available from 11AM - 4PM. One table and two chairs will be set up for you in front of the Sauder Café. No music is permitted to prevent disrupting classes. Booking requests are due Sunday at midnight for booths from Wednesday through Tuesday.

If booking BIRMINGHAM or BIG FOUR, a supplemental booking form will need to be filled out.

IMPORTANT: Bookings submitted without the appropriate notice will not be processed.

CUS Boardroom Booking Calendar: Please check for availability at and submit a request below.

For non-CUS members, please book through UBC Classroom Services.

For all tech equipment bookings, please visit the Canaccord Learning Commons, or contact

Any questions? Please contact Kelvin Tsai, our Associate Vice-President, Internal Affairs, at